That school work I was supposed to do and actually did… kinda

So in my last post I said how over the 2 week school holidays we have I had school work I was meant to do but didn’t end up doing it. Well I did it… kinda… sort of… not really. I had a Maths B assignment and this booklet to fill out for English on the movie ‘Schindler’s List’ on plot, themes, camera angles and what not. Well, I didn’t do the maths or the booklet but I watched the film today and I think that’s more than enough effort in itself. The film is 195 mins long, that’s over 3 hours!! I sat for 3 hours and watched what really was to me a boring movie, don’t get me wrong it’s a classic and is very informative and it’s a great way to educate, remember and acknowledge the horrific events of the war and the holocaust but I really didn’t want to watch that depressing movie to finish my holidays. The thing is we are watching it again in class as well so I have to go through the same thing.

Don’t mind me and my 1st world problems I just haven’t done much worth blogging about in the past few days.

– Candy xx


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