The future….. Uh oh

So I have less than 1 year and a half of school left. Then I finish. Done and dusted. Just like that. It’s beginning to sink in at the moment, already making plans for our final year at school. We have been orgainising our Senior Jersey’s and formal (prom) venue at the moment. School Captain speeches will be happening at the start of next term and to be honest I’m absolutely scared shitless. The first 8 months of this year have gone so fast, I have 4 months until I’m in Gr.12, where everything counts. I’m going to be graduating soon. Holy shit! I have to start making plans for uni, moving away from home. I have to plan my future. It’s so weird to think that I have been on this world for 16 years, and in another 16 years I’ll be 32. It’s so weird to think that I will be someone like my parents who has a family, a job, responsibility. Its so weird to think that my parents, teachers, everyone was once 16, and look at them now. I can’t begin to comprehend that in less than 2 years I will be away from home, studying at uni. I don’t even know what course I want to do, I change my mind every 5 minutes for god’s sake. What if I hate it. What if my life is shit. What if I never meet anyone. It does my head in thinking about all these ‘what if’s’. I can’t even get my assignments done on time, how am I going to live in the real world. But I just need to put all that aside for the moment and ask myself the most important question: What dress will I wear to my formal?

Ahahah, Lots of love

– Candy