An introduction to me and this blog!

Hey there,

If you’re reading this it means you have somehow stumbled upon my corner in the web (yay) and so to start off this journey I’m just going to give you a little introduction on myself.

I’m “almost” 16, just hanging out for that last month, I live in Australia and from the day I have posted this I have been blogging for exactly 1 year! I’ve had 2 previous blogs, a personal one which I started on and posted consistently for about 8 months and a book review blog which I had for about 3 months, It’s been nearly 3 months since I’ve stopped posting and to be honest it’s quite hard to come back after a long break. I decided that I wanted to  blog again for the simple reason that writing and blogging makes me happy, my blog is a way to express my feelings, thoughts and opinions about everything in my life to other people, to get my ideas out there when I’m not a famous celebrity or a powerful leader. I’m just a teenage girl, now there is a reason I crossed out the ‘just’, I originally wrote it without thinking but there shouldn’t be a just in that statement, I shouldn’t be limited by my age or gender but yet in some aspects I am. This is what I want to change. Blogging is a vessel for my views and voice to be heard, and to be honest sometimes I’m just going to have a rant on here, but only on occasion , I promise. I feel like I have gotten really off track while writing this but I’m just going to continue because this is how its probably going to be most of the time. Anyway, I wanted to start fresh with this new blog, I feel that I have changed so much lately and that if I’m going to start blogging again I need to do that with a new blog, a clean slate essentially.

More about me, I’m currently in Gr.11 at school (second last year), and I’m halfway through that, so only 1 and 1/2 years to go! When I’m not working as a checkout chick I’m either at dance class (or twirling/leaping around the house), practicing the violin(that’s I lie, I play the violin  just never practice) or watching TV shows on my laptop(most likely American ones because we have crap TV  shows here). Oh and don’t forget stuffing my face with chocolate.

On this blog I’ll probably most my thoughts on my everyday life, my views on issues, book reviews (a.k.a me just telling you bluntly what I thought of the book and if I considered it crap) and as mentioned before, the occasional rant.

Well, that’s enough about me for the moment. Hope I haven’t scared you off,

– Candy xx